Who owns and runs trash, jungle, Mrs. lynch & Sammy’s houses?

These Elm Park properties are owned and managed by Gerard and Olive. Gerard – originally from Cork, married to Olive with five kids ranging from 11 to 22 years old – so a busy house! In addition to providing accommodation for UL students; Gerard and Olive also provide high-quality accommodation to professionals living in the area. We are both graduates of the University of Limerick and understand the intricacies of the student rental market!

Where did the names originate from?

When we originally purchased 705 Elm Park; it was a bit of a ‘tip’ that needed lots of TLC. During the refurbishment; the kids came up with the fun name ‘trash house’; for 705. When we acquired 113; it also required extensive work, but the overgrown garden was one of the standout features of the property. So, the family put on their creative hats and came up with a second ‘nickname’ – Jungle House! The 419 house is next door to Kilmurry Lodge, where Gerard spent his first year in digs with an elderly and charismatic landlady named Mrs. Lynch.  More recently, we asked the kids for a nickname for 302 and our youngest daughter (Aoibhinn), shouts out Sammy’s house!

Tell me more about the neighbourhood?

The Elm Park neighbourhood is in the Castletroy area within easy walking distance of shops (Supervalue in the Castletroy shopping centre, Lidl, etc..), a cinema, buses, a pharmacy, takeaways (Dominos, Chinese, Fish and Chip, and Indian), pubs (the Hurlers bar for instance).

How do I get around?

The houses are literally only a five to seven-minute walk from the back gates of the University of Limerick. There is a bus within a five minutes walk of the house, which will bring you into Limerick city centre (runs every 30 minutes) or alternatively to Dublin (runs every hour). Plenty of taxis if needed.

Can I get some information on the house layouts?

All of our Elm Park houses are generous in size and can accommodate a group of six fellow students and friends. The layout includes the following:

    • An open-plan sitting room
    • Small storage room
    • Kitchen
    • Three double rooms
    • One Single Room
    • One Twin Room (consists of two single beds, and is ideal for friends who choose to share a room together.)
    • Two bathrooms
    • Parking out front

What are the room types?

  • Single Room – Our single occupancy rooms are furnished with a comfortable single bed, study desk, and generous storage space.
  • Twin Room – Our twin rooms are shared between two students and are equipped with two comfortable single beds, two study desks, and generous storage space.
  • Twin En-suite – Our twin en-suite rooms are shared between two students and are equipped with two comfortable single beds, two study desks, generous storage space, and a sizable shared en-suite bathroom.
  • Deluxe Room – Our spacious deluxe rooms include a comfortable double bed for single occupancy, a study desk, and generous storage space.
  • Deluxe En-suite Room – Our spacious deluxe en-suite rooms include a comfortable double bed for single occupancy, a study desk, generous storage space, and a sizable private en-suite bathroom.

Can I book a house with my friends?

Want to book an elm park house with college friends? No problem! Simply fill in the application form and indicate that you are booking on behalf of a group (six students required).

How does the tenancy application process work?

We’ve tried to make booking an easy process for you. Here are the steps you can take once you’re ready to book:

      1. Click here to commence the booking process.
      2. Await email offer and or call.
      3. Once you have selected a property you wish to rent, a deposit equivalent to one month’s rent is required to secure the property.
      4. You will be provided with a tenant booking form at the time of paying the deposit. You must complete all sections of the booking form. When submitting the form, you must also provide a reference from your previous landlord. Please note that a landlord reference is required for each applicant.
      5. Once the above steps are complete; the tenancy agreement requires signing. On that occasion, you will also pay a month’s rent in advance.

On the rental agreement start day, Gerard and Olive will meet your student group at the property. You will be provided with an introduction to the house and provided with the front door and bedroom keys.

What are the 2024/25 rental fees?

The table below outlines weekly rental fees per student for the full academic year.

Room Type All
Damage Deposit One Month Rent
Weekly Rent €150

Please also note that the damage deposit is refundable once the house and room are left in good condition. Click Here to secure your room early and avoid the endless hassle of visiting multiple houses at the end of the summer!

What is included in the rental fees?

      • A high-speed internet connection and whole-house Wi-Fi
      • Multiple HDTV channels
      • TV license where applicable
      • Weekly paid bin collection (Some properties)

Please note that some of our properties include pre-paying meters onsite allowing you to control energy usage.

What do I need to bring?

The main items you will need are your bedding (pillow and quilt). All beds have mattress protectors.

Do You Offer Summer Bookings?

We also offer flexible summer stays of three months, get in contact with us.